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How does payment and invoicing work?
How does payment and invoicing work?
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Downstream operates with a streamlined invoicing and billing system to ensure transparency and efficiency for our customers. We provide separate invoices for every address where services or equipment are provided, ensuring clarity and accountability in billing. Additionally, companies have the option to apply for consolidated billing, offering enhanced convenience and flexibility in managing invoices.

Separate Invoices for Every Address:

Downstream sends a separate invoice for each location, such as apartments or job sites, where services were rendered or equipment was delivered. This approach ensures that each location receives a clear and detailed invoice for all rentals and services specific to that address.

Standard Billing:
For standard billing, Downstream follows a process where payment is held for every order once scheduled, and payments are processed upon order completion on a daily basis. This ensures that transactions are handled securely and efficiently, with charges only applied once services are successfully rendered or equipment is delivered.

Standard Billing

Invoicing Frequency


Credit Limit Amount

No credit limit amount in dollars

Net Terms

Due on Receipt

Consolidated Billing:

Companies can apply for consolidated billing for their entire organization. If approved, Downstream consolidates each order into apartment or job site-specific invoices based on the frequency, credit amount, and net terms offered by Downstream.

Consolidated Billing

Invoicing Frequency

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly (One option)

Credit Limit Amount

Includes credit limit amount in dollars

Net Terms

Due on Receipt, Net 14, Net 30 (One option)

Invoicing Frequency:

  • Weekly: Invoices are sent every Wednesday for orders placed from Sunday to Sunday of the prior week.

  • Biweekly: Invoices are sent every Wednesday for orders placed from Sunday to Sunday of 2 weeks prior.

  • Monthly: Invoices are sent on the 5th of every month for orders that occurred between 2nd day of last month to the 2nd day of this month.

Credit Amount:

Upon approval, Downstream provides a specific credit limit amount in dollars for all customers utilizing consolidated billing. This amount can be utilized by all users and addresses across the company. If the sum of the total for all orders invoiced or not exceeds this limit, payment is required to continue ordering. Companies can request a credit limit increase if exceeded.

Net Terms:

Customers are provided with net term options, including:

  • Due on Receipt: Due same day as the invoice is sent

  • Net 14: Due 14 days after the invoice is sent

  • Net 30: Due 30 days after the invoice is sent

Additionally, there are 2 special settings for companies utilizing consolidated billing:

  1. Project Based Billing:

    1. If enabled, invoices drop as soon as projects are complete. When all rentals are removed from a specific address for at least 3 days, an invoice is immediately generated, disregarding the invoicing frequency.

  2. Change Invoicing Date:

    1. Companies with monthly invoicing frequency can select their preferred invoicing date, overriding the typical monthly cycle. This feature allows flexibility in invoice scheduling. For example, if you'd like invoices on the 25th every month instead of the 5th.


Customers approved for net terms can enable autopay for their invoices. If autopay is enabled with net terms, payment will process immediately when the consolidated invoices are generated. Those not approved for consolidated billing or with "due on receipt" net terms must have an active card on file and will be setup for auto payment for all orders by default.

For customers utilizing consolidated billing, we accept ACH or check payment. Standard billing customers must maintain am active debit or credit card on their file at all times. We do not accept cash payments. Checks can be addressed and mailed to:

Downstream Systems, Inc

3245 Main Street #235-434

Frisco, TX 75034

To Find Your Billing Settings:
1) Navigate to your profile

2) Go to Manage Invoices
3) Click the gear icon in the top right

Conclusion: Understanding Downstream's invoicing and billing procedures is essential for smooth transactions and financial management. Whether receiving separate invoices for specific locations or opting for consolidated billing, our goal is to provide transparent and convenient billing solutions tailored to our customers' needs. For further assistance or inquiries regarding billing, feel free to contact our support team.

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